Democenter-Sipe Foundation is a bridge toward the University, those who produce research and those who have the skills and technology to produce innovation.


Democenter-Sipe Foundation has put into place an integrated system of supports to promote the creation of new high technology enterprises.


Democenter-Sipe Foundation promotes exploitation of the results of research activity conducted by university departments and laboratories.

Human resources


Democenter-Sipe Foundation sets up training and master’s programs to ensure that businesses have the necessary competencies.


Together with public bodies and associations, Democenter-Sipe Foundation supports projects that generate growth toward a culture of innovation in the local community.

Focus on

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Democenter-Sipe Foundation encourages interaction between businesses and the University, thus supporting the creation of relationships that will lead to research projects and contracts. Collaborations essential to innovation. The Center also assists firms in conceiving, drawing up and presenting innovation projects so that they can obtain essential public funding. Resources fundamental for innovation. Democenter-Sipe Foundation is this and much more, a concrete and effective partner at the disposal of businesses that want to take up the challenge of innovation.